Reflecting on the GAME plan

In reflecting on my GAME plan, it was nice to set several goals, and work towards fulfilling them.  It was also great to hear from teachers that are in different situations than myself, and get their suggestions.  This helped me to think outside of the box for ways to meet my goals.  To be honest, I don’t know how much I’ve learned from my GAME plan.  My first goal was to become fluent in several different areas of technology- this is a long process, and will (in my opinion) take longer than 6-8 weeks to accomplish.  Perhaps then, a more accurate statement would be that I have not seen any immediate learning, but can anticipate long-term learning.  My second goal was not a “learning” goal, but more of an “implementation” one.  I knew that I was meeting the NET-S, I simply needed to consciously apply them and state them in my lessons.

I think that using the GAME plan will be more effective with my students-rather than myself.  I have methods that I know work for my personal learning style, but my students do not.  By providing my students will several different goal-making plans, such as a GAME plan or SMART goals, over the course of the year, they will have a variety of tools to use.

My most immediate change in teaching is making sure I am consciously incorporating the NETS into my lessons, and working to add other technology tools to my non-technology lessons.  Because I’ve learned about several new tools, I can continue to create 21st century skills in my students.

The GAME plan and my students

I can really see using a GAME plan with my 7th grade advisory (homeroom) students.  Because I see them for a 1/2 hour every day, we can work as a group to develop either individual, or class goals in relation to technology.  I would introduce to them the NETS-S, and we could discuss what areas we need improvement on.  Once we determined one or two standards that need work, we can develop a GAME plan for the class.  Students could then individually work to reach their goals.  Similar to this online class, we could devote one day a week to discuss our GAME plan, figure out where we are with meeting our goals.  This would be a great way to ensure that the students are working towards their goals, and supporting them wherever they are.

Without using the NETS, I think using the GAME plan method would be a good way to create goals at the beginning of the school year.

Revising my GAME plan

As mentioned several weeks ago, I have had to revise one of the goals in my GAME plan.  This goal was to become fluent in various pieces of technology.  Since starting, I have decided to limit the number of new technologies to 2-3 between now and the end of the year.

One of these technologies is Google Wave.  I’m still working through this, and trying to figure out how to best incorporate it into my art classroom.  A second technology is using screencasts.  I think in my high school classes, it would be interesting for the students to create screencasts of the artists that they are inspired by, and post them to our ning.  While we used screencasts in a previous course, I feel that I am not yet fluent in creating them.

For my second goal- adding the NETS to my technology lessons, I don’t think I need to modify that one.  It’s been relatively easy to put a name or standard to the lessons that I already teach.  Rather than being implied, I am stating what standards I’m meeting.

Because my first goal is still a work in progress, I’m not planning on adding any new goals at this moment, however I am keeping the NETS in mind as I plan my lessons.  In the future, I’ll also work with my IT staff, and the technology coordinators to make the most out of the technology I plan on using.

my GAME plan, week 5…

I have to admit that I slowed WAAYY down on my progress this week.  I haven’t done much since the last post.  Life got busy!  Hopefully you all can forgive me.  🙂

I’m learning that I still have a lot to learn.  My Google Wave partner and I are still working through many things- I finally figured out how to add my own gadgets to our wave.  I’m also finding that the more I learn about Google Wave, the more I wonder what it can do…  Not in a bad way, just a “wow!  there’s so much out there; what am I missing?!” way.

Standards have also been added to my Photoshop project.  So, I guess I’ve done more that I thought I had.  It just seems like so many things have gotten in the way this week!  Hope other’s weeks were more productive than mine…