Reflection on the Course

This course was really good and frustrating at the same time.  It was good because I was able to work with programs like wikis and podcasts.  Before the course I knew about both programs, and understood the basic idea behind them, but hadn’t ever used them.  Now that I know how to create podcasts and wikis, I’ll be more likely to incorporate them into my classroom.  The course was frustrating, however, because I was using the applications for our master’s course, rather than for my classroom.  I would have enjoyed creating a blog for my classroom, or making an art project with the podcasts or wikis.

I do know much more about the technology that is out there- for example I hadn’t heard of “nings” before this class and learning about them has inspired me to create a ning for our high school.  I’m also trying to think of alternate ways for my students to access and use technology in the art room.  I’m more focused on how the students can use technology and learn 21st century skills, rather than what I, as a teacher, can use to simply show the technology.

I have changed my mindset and teaching style by consciously trying to use technology and 21st century skills in all of my lessons.  Rather than linking skills and technology after I’ve created a lesson, I am thinking about those at the beginning of my planning.  I will also continue to talk with our school’s technology specialist about new and/or recent technology that I can use in my classroom, or research the latest trends in 21st century learning.

One long-term goal is to create a wiki/ning for my high school students to use.  I want them to have a place where they can share their  ideas and thoughts with other art students, as well as post their artwork.  By the end of next year, I hope all the current art students will have a profile on the ning and my classes will be discussing throughout the year.  My second long-term goal is to link technology more closely into my classroom.  I hope to use a variety of technology with each project- cooperative learning projects such as wikis and podcasts, or simply demonstrating different technological applications/programs.  The issues that will need to overcome are the accessibility of computers and internet during my classtime, and monitoring safe behavior on the high school ning.  I believe that by keeping on top of technology and the school’s ning, I will be able to overcome all my obstacles.

Podcasts and Technology

Our latest class assignment was to create a podcast about technology, and the uses of technology in the classroom and at home.  I created a survey for my 7th and 8th grade students, which about 100 of them filled out.  Using that information, and several students willing to speak on their answers, I created this podcast.  I hope you enjoy it!

Technology Podcast