Blogging in the Classrooms, Part 2

After much thought, research, and more thought, I believe I’m going to go for a combination of what was mentioned in the previous blog about working blogs into the classroom.  I would like to create a place where my high school students can find out about assignments, see their finished artwork, and comment on their work.  I would like the students to be able to create their own posts, but am not sure I’m ready to open that cans of worms at the moment…  Last, I would post links and/or images of interesting art for the students to comment on (rather than only their own art).

Here’s an example of a Middle School Art Blog that is similar to what I’m thinking about: Ms. Miller’s Art Blog, and another example: RJH Art Class.  As I’ve mentioned before, I would like students to be able to interact on the website.  Rather than creating a site in which my students can add their own posts, I’m going to encourage the students post comments, more as a criticism/conversation.  This would add to the student’s art experience as they will learn to discuss art, whether their own or someone else’s.  One of the main components of a good art room is discussion, and I feel that this would be a non-threatening way for students to learn to discuss art.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Blogging in the Classrooms, Part 2

  1. Thank you for posting the links to other blogs you have seen that you are gathering information from. Students and parents will appreciate having information on assignments available. By posting your students’ work you will create a virtual art gallery. I imagine that would be very motivational for your students. I have several questions about posting your student work. What format will you use for posting your students’ work? Do you plan on rotating the artwork on display or adding to the display as the year progresses? Would there be a way to organize work individually so students would have a personal, virtual portfolio at the end of the year?

    I think it is a great idea to display interesting art to encourage comments and critiques from students. Your students will be participating in meaningful discussions through this activity.

  2. Thanks Carolyn, you brought up a good question with the artwork. I think I would create a slide show of artwork each time a project is finished. The virtual portfolio is also a great idea, and something I would need to research. Perhaps this is something the students would do on their own time, as many of them need a portfolio for college, and then add their link to the main page.

  3. I thought that your ideas about students responding to various works was an excellent idea. Also, as Carolyn mentioned I thought it was a great idea to post the links to the sites that you could model off of. I was wondering if these responses would be done for homework, or would you spend class time with the students? I know that at the school i currently teach at roughly only 40% of the students have computers at home. Also, I think that even though our students might know more about technology than we did at their age we can never assume that they know how to do everything we ask. I think you could incorporate so great cross curriculum lessons. Would you think about maybe team teaching with a technology teacher in a computer room for a few lessons? I think you could put together a really nice unit/program with your ideas.

  4. Matt, in the school I work at I would say 95% of my students (and their parents) have access to computer- so that isn’t a concern for me. I would likely demonstrate and talk about the blog at school, but expect this to be a homework assignment. But it is a concern in other schools, and something I hadn’t thought of! And great idea teaming with the tech teacher and/or cross curricular blogs. Thank you!

  5. I like your idea about showing off student work and allowing other students to comment on their peers’ work. Currently I am using my blog as an assignment notebook to supplement the lesson from class. I would like to here any more ideas that you have.

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