Blogging in the Classroom

As part of my master’s class, I am looking for ways to incorporate blogging into my art classes.  There are an amazing number of ways to use blogs in the class.

One way is to create a showcase for student artwork.  I can upload the student’s work, and explain the process and/or standards met.

Another option is to create a “this week in art” or “this day in art,” to give the kids a chance to learn about Art History outside of the classroom.

On the other hand, it would be very interesting to get the kids involved and invested in a blog.  I would really like a discussion to occur, rather than me simply posting for them.  I think blogs are a great way to post ideas, opinions, thoughts without actually saying them outloud in front of a classroom- much less intimidating!

I’m always open to suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Blogging in the Classroom

  1. Your ideas are great for the art classroom. I like the idea of “This Week in Art”. This would spark conversation (blogging) with your students as well as exposing them to other forms of art that you may not have time to discuss in the classroom.
    I think it may be interesting to get a perspective of what your students view as art. Have the students bring in or post what they view as art and have an on-going discussion regarding the aspects of what was posted. Essentially comparing what they view as art, their explanation of why, then comparing it to the works that are in the discussed in the classroom.
    If you are using a blog that is public for all (not one that is secure for schools) then it may be interesting to have students post their work and get comments by various artists in the community.
    Just a few ideas that came to mind. I know when I took art we were to submit our work to the newspaper and I was very excited when mine was chosen to be in the paper. I had many people emailing and calling letting me know they saw my work. I was very excited to have my work shown publicly. Maybe blogging could offer the same for your students.

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